Map. History of Venezuela conflict

27 July 2017
Clashes at Dist Mañongo Naguanagua
Armored motobikers are attempting to remove barricades at Avenida Principal de La Urbina, Caracas
Mexico will collaborate with U.S. sanctioning Venezuelan officials
Tense situation in El Encanto of LosTeques
Maduro rally at Avenue Bolivar in Caracas
Venezuelan government prevents entry into the country to Argentine journalist Jorge Lanata
National Guard crackdown on barricades in San Diego de Los Altos, Miranda
National Guard comes to Bello Campo to remove barricades
The United States considering more sanctions on the government of Maduro
Táchira: National Guard reported 25 arrested "terrorists" for siege of the polling stations
National Guard armored carrier was burnt by protesters in Merida
Caracas: From the morgue of Bello Monte family of murdered Gilinber Terán: "He was shot by an armed group in the head".
Nicolas Maduro: "On Sunday we will choose between a free country or a dominated colony"
Clashes with National Guard in Montalbán, Caracas
If Maduro wins on Sunday, the country risks falling into "civil war," warns a just-resigned Venezuelan diplomat.
Nicolas Maduro: the vote on Sunday is a vote against imperialism, and against Donald Trump.
Maduro threat "to foreign governments we have a surprise and is called the election of July 30. We are going to give you votes"
Ministers and electoral candidates stand at the closing rally of the National Constituent Assembly.
"The opposition is called the opposition because it is opposed to Venezuela", President Maduro tells a chavista crowd in Caracas.
Nicolas Maduro: Donald Trump has given the order for us to cancel the National Constituent Assembly.
Barricade with animals in Maracaibo, Zulia
Three dead as Venezuela's anti-Maduro strike goes into second day
More from @USTreasury about why 13 more people from Venezuela today added to OFAC sanctions list.
GNB continues to repress the residents of Montalbán
13 more people from Venezuela just added to @USTreasury OFAC SDN list
U.S. to sanction 13 officials of Venezuela's government, military, state oil company PDVSA - U.S. officials
Crackdown by National Guard in La Cancelaria
Marco Rubio: Today will be a bad day for 13 enablers of @NicolasMaduro effort to destroy democracy in Venezuela and more actions will follow
Leopoldo López on the #16Jul referendum: "that day marked a before and an after." There is a mandate that we must assume"
Pdte. Maduro: "On Sunday we are playing the very existence of Venezuela"