Map. History of Venezuela conflict

21 November 2017
Juan Peraza was released from La Patilla. He was held in the headquarters of the Sebin - El Helicoide after taking photos in the vicinity of the house of Leopoldo López
[email protected] reports that 10 children have died from diphtheria in Bolívar
Confirmed detentions of Carmen Catalina Andarcia, Director of Administration of the Metropolitan City Hall of Caracas; Carlos Luna, former chief of Security and Sergeant Elizabeth Cárdenas, former protocol chief of the AMC
President Maduro about Putin: It is the world leader and peace
Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 3km SSW of Zea, Venezuela
Venezuela opposition leader Ledezma flees to Colombia: media
Venezuela signs debt restructuring deal with Russia: diplomatic source
Venezuela signs debt restructuring deal with Russia: diplomatic source
Venezuela finance minister arrives in Moscow amid debt crisis: diplomatic source
President Maduro: We are recovering the lost time due to the economic war and oil rentism
Venezuela opposition suspends talks with government
Russian network used Venezuelan accounts to deepen Catalan crisis
Russia, China, others boycott U.S. meeting at U.N. on Venezuela
The government of Maduro attacks against the press and freedom of expression in less than a week: 1. "law against hatred" 2. paramilitary takeover of the newspaper El Nuevo País. 3. CONATEL will regulate social networks
. @gabyarellanoVE: We are going to send a request to UN to open a humanitarian channel to Venezuela
. @ gabyarellanoVE, @VoluntadPopular: "Ombudsman of Colombia asked President Santos to activate the humanitarian corridor for Venezuelans, we will ask UNHCR to activate the humanitarian corridor"
Queues of elders in the bank in Valencia, Carabobo
EU readies sanctions on Venezuela, approves arms embargo
EU foreign ministers agree arms embargo on Venezuela, legal basis for sanctions on individuals -diplomats
President Maduro: The economic war is affecting the people
Delcy Rodríguez: the sanctions of the US Department of the Treasury against 10 Venezuelan officials are boring
Venezuela officially declared in default
@statedeptspox: The US will maintain sanctions on designated Venezuela govt. officials until they break from Maduro’s dictatorial government.
U.S. steps up pressure on Venezuela with more sanctions
U.S. treasury to announce more sanctions today on several Venezuela officials - U.S. senate aide
EU envoys approve arms embargo, sanctions on Venezuela - sources
US Department of State: We condemn Maduro government's anti-democratic actions and stand with Venezuela people who have right to free and peaceful political discourse.
U.S. State Department condemns Maduro government's disrespect for fundamental human rights in Venezuela
Bernal: PSUV calls for march tomorrow at 10am to celebrate the 100 years of Bolshevik Revolution, from CANTV to Miraflores
Two dead and one injured in traffic accident in Maracay