Suspended pronouncement of @jguaido on #PlanPais cause of a new blackout in Venezuela

Map. History of Venezuela conflict

5 July 2020
Delcy Rodríguez on the new blackout that affected all of Venezuela: "There was a new act of sabotage to the electric service, they were attacked through electromagnetic means from the center to the west of the country.
Again Great blackout in Caracas and the rest of the country.
Government of Colombia demands respect to life and integrity of @leopoldolopez @liliantintori and children whose residence is surrounded by violent groups and blames the usurper Maduro of what may happen
Severe impact identified across 18 states of Venezuela following new national power outage #SinLuz #Apagon
The National Police and the National Guard patrol the center of Caracas on Monday night in the middle of the National blackout
1 year ago
At 10:45 pm 25Mar are at least 21 states affected by blackout (some since 1:20 pm): Anzoátegui, Apure, Aragua, Barinas, Carabobo, Cojedes, Dto. Capital, Falcon, Guarico, Lara, Mérida, Miranda, Monagas, Nueva Esparta, Portuguesa, Sucre, Tachira, Trujillo, Vargas, Yaracuy, Zulia
Second nationwide power outage detected in Venezuela; real-time network data shows 88% of country offline1 year ago
Second nationwide power outage detected in Venezuela; real-time network data shows 88% of country offline
Acting President @jguaido at Código58 by @TVVnoticias: The regime plays with misinformation. It does not give an official version about the arrival of Russian aircraft. They play with this to show that they have support
[email protected]: The US will not tolerate hostile foreign military forces interfering with the shared goals of democracy, security and the rule of law in the Western Hemisphere. The Venezuelan Army must be with the people of Venezuela.
President of the Constituent Assembly Diosdado Cabello on Russian planes in Venezuela: "Russian planes land in Venezuela because they are authorized by the only government there is in Venezuela, called, the Maduro government"
Diosdado Cabello on convocation of opposition mobilization to Miraflores: "If they dare, where they dare, they will find us, we want peace, but even to achieve peace we have to fight, to achieve peace, armies are needed"
4.15 pm Blackout: At this time, this is the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía. Video courtesy: @maryelishernandezm
@jguaido: Maduro usurps power, but also usurps the peace of all Venezuelans. The country continues to be a chaos and the dictatorship insists on putting at risk what remains of the national electricity infrastructure that, according to them, was guarded by the Armed Forces.
John Bolton: Maduro has lost the support of the Venezuelan people, so he’s relying on Cuban and Russian support to usurp democracy and repress innocent civilians. This news shows he is growing even more reckless and isolating himself further.
Diosdado Cabello blames "opposition cells" for the new blackout registered Monday in the country
Jorge Rodríguez showed "the supposed conversation" between Juan Planchart and Leolpodo López, on WhatsApp
Jorge Rodríguez on Juan Planchart: "After his capture, is in his cell the continuation of the plot to steal the funds of Venezuela with his leader and cousin Juan Guaidó"
Joel García, lawyer of the defense team of Roberto Marrero, said that the head of the office of Juan Guaidó has not been transferred to the Palace of Justice for the holding of the presentation hearing, scheduled this Monday
1 year ago
Jorge Rodríguez on national blackout: "We have already recovered the service in most of the national territory and in the next few hours it will be recovered 100%"
Minister of Communication of Venezuela says that the electrical service has been already being "solved" throughout the country
Minister of Communication of Venezuela says that a new attack targeted the Guri hydroelectric plant
General Secretariat of the OAS rejects the recent Russian military incursion into the territory of Venezuela.
Maiquetía International Airport remains without electric service
1 year ago
Blackout in Táchira, Falcón, Barinas, Miranda, Sucre, Mérida, Vargas, Nueva Esparta, Anzoátegui and Trujillo states
Confirmed: New national power outage detected across Venezuela starting 5:00 PM UTC (1 PM VET); network data shows 57% of country offline; incident ongoing #SinLuz #Apagon
1 year ago
Suspended pronouncement of @jguaido on #PlanPais cause of a new blackout in Venezuela
1 year ago
Blackouts reports by state: Falcón: Punto Fijo, Coro; Guárico: Dungeon; Lara: Cabudare and Barquisimeto (partially); Mérida: Libertador, Las Américas, Ejido, El Vigía, La Pedregosa; Monagas: Maturín (partially)
Portuguese with partial blackout. The northern zone, with Acarigua-Araure at the head, reports blackout and several sectors without light. In the south, Guanare, Papelón and Guanarito without light from 1:10 pm #25Mar
1 year ago
Reports of blackout from: Capital District, Lara, Monagas, Miranda, Anzoategui, Sucre, Merida, Bolivar
1 year ago
Blackout at Margarita, Guatire, Maracay, Industrial zone of Valencia, Cumana
Report areas of Carrizal without power after power loss
The following sectors of the country are without electric service: Lechería Anzoátegui; Caurimare; The Two Ways; Saint Bernardine; Bello Monte; La Candelaria; Plaza Venezuela; La Guaira; Sectors of Merida; The Teques
Reports of a new blackout in Greater Caracas and part of central Venezuela
The lawyer Juan Planchart, will be presented together with Roberto Marrero this 25Marzo
Marco Rubio: Russia is deploying military personnel in W. Hemisphere in Venezuela. This is a direct challenge to our national interest and poses a direct threat to our national security. It must and I am confident will be addressed.
1 year ago
Lavrov in a call with Pompeo: all attempt of U.S. to stage a coup in Venezuela is a violation of U.N. charter and interference in sovereign state affairs
Strong quake registered in Valencia
Permanent Council of the OAS will discuss the evolution of the crisis in Venezuela
US and regional countries "will not stand idly by as Russia exacerbates tensions in Venezuela," @SecPompeo has told his Russian counterpart, according to @StateDept.
Guaidó: They are saying that the Venezuelan army defends sovereignty and than brings foreign soldiers
Protest: Residents of Guaicoco Terraces close road that connects the Petare / Santa Lucia highway, in protest to have more than a month without water supply.1 year ago
Protest: Residents of Guaicoco Terraces close road that connects the Petare / Santa Lucia highway, in protest to have more than a month without water supply.
The Russian AF heavy airlift that landed Caracas (RA-82035), returned to Latakia Syria, and is taking off heading Russia
1 year ago
American Airlines extends the suspension of commercial flights to Venezuela for one month.
Attorney Juan Planchart is arrested, accused by Jorge Rodríguez of financing a "terrorist network". Planchart detained and is at the Sebin headquarters in Plaza Venezuela.
Guaidó: "the time сame to prepare for the Operation to run Freedom, the phase of maximum pressure to achieve the termination of the usurpation." Guaidó on accusations of Maduro: we are Not going to distract with pots mounted.
RuAF An-124 82035 from Dakar to Latakia, Syria
SEBIN has arrested Juan Planchart
Juan Planchart is detained by the Sebin at Plaza Venezuela according to a journalist
Russian Air Force An-124 RA82035 left Caracas to Dakar
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