This is the Plaza Sadel. The National Assembly conducts public consultation on the draft Amnesty Law.

Map. History of Venezuela conflict

25 May 2020
The military attache at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, Colonel José Luis Silva, denounces Madurai and offers his support to Juan Guaidó as acting President
Jorge Arreaza on the 72 hour deadline for US diplomats to leave Venezuela: I do not want to move forward, there were some events in the last hours of which they will be witnesses and announced this afternoon
UNSC meeting on situation in Venezuela wraps after 4 hours and 37 minutes.
Maduro's chancellor, Jorge Arreaza, at the UN Security Council: If they have proof that there were false elections, present them. Let's talk with base
This is the Plaza Sadel. The National Assembly conducts public consultation on the draft Amnesty Law.1 year ago
This is the Plaza Sadel. The National Assembly conducts public consultation on the draft Amnesty Law.
South Africa is denouncing 'circumvention of Venezuela's constitution' by opposition self-proclaiming 'interim president'. South Africa recognizes Nicolas Maduro as Venezuela's President. Calls for political dialogue to address the crisis in Venezuela, respect for rule of law.
Peru in the Security Council of the UN: We recognize the President of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, as President in charge of Venezuela in strict adherence to the Constitution of that country.
Representative of Peru in the Security Council of the UN: We have received 700,000 Venezuelan refugees and migrants due to the crisis that is the responsibility of Maduro
Peru at the Security Council of the UN: There is a massive and historic exodus of 3 million people resulting from the anti-democratic and oppressive policies of the Maduro regime
Representative of the United Kingdom says that it is not possible to support the Maduro regime. The rules of the game have failed in Venezuela and the people want democracy. Maduro has harassed the opposition, sets an example of Fernando Albán. The presidency of Maduro is not legitimate
[email protected] says Cuba is interfering in Venezuela: "Let me crystal clear: the foreign power meddling in Venezuela is Cuba. Cuba has directly made matters worse."
[email protected]: @jguaido was sworn in as President of Venezuela, in adherence to the Constitution and with the support of the National Assembly, and we urge all members of the Security Council to support the democratic transition in Venezuela.
USA @SecPompeo in the UN Security Council: On Wednesday, January 23, the Venezuelan people chose to regain their country.
USA @SecPompeo in the UN Security Council: The countries that govern without democracy (Russia and China) in their country are trying to keep Maduro.
USA @SecPompeo in the UN Security Council: It's time to recognize the Government of President Guaidó and put an end to this nightmare.
People gathered in support of @AsambleaVE in Las Mercedes, make the Guaido Challenge mocking footage released by Maduro party GuaidoChallenge1 year ago
People gathered in support of @AsambleaVE in Las Mercedes, make the "Guaido Challenge" mocking footage released by Maduro party #GuaidoChallenge
Assistant Secretary General of the UN Security Council: The situation in Venezuela causes great concern in human rights and economic issues, there must be a real and peaceful transition process
Russia calls for procedural vote to block UNSC meeting on Venezuela, but fails to get enough votes. Nine council members voted to have the meeting (the required number); 4 voted against and 2 abstained.
Russia's delegate to the United Nations: The United States supports a coup in Venezuela
Pedro Sánchez: I would like to remind you that the international community did not recognize the legitimacy of the elections last May, in which the presidency of @NicolasMaduro is based at the moment
1 year ago
France, Germany and Spain will recognize Guaido if Maduro refuses to call elections
Pedro Sánchez: Spain will recognize Guaidó as president if elections date is not declared in 8 days
Maduro will send Arreaza to the UN Security Council
This is the video that Jorge Rodríguez showed about alleged meeting between Juan Guaidó and the Diosdado Cabello and Freddy Bernal
Army Captain to Guaidó: "Appoint a new defense minister"
Pompeo: The US works to ensure that Venezuelans have democracy and free elections
31,000ft heading over The Bahamas - Russian Government IL96 300PU RA96019 RSD0091 year ago
31,000ft heading over The Bahamas - Russian Government IL96 300PU RA96019 RSD009
"They are killing our children like dogs," said father of a young man killed in protest in Macarao
1 year ago
Juan Guaidó says that dialogue with Nicolás Maduro is "something false." He rejected the proposal of México and Uruguay, but thanked the intentions of both countries for solving the Venezuelan crisis.
Laura Gallo, mother of Gabriel Gallo, Coordinator of the Criminal Forum, @ForoPenal, in Yaracuy, is being detained. She is accused of being a terrorist.
The President @lopezobrador_ offered Mexico as a venue to resolve the conflict in Venezuela with dialogue of all parties involved.
@OVCSocial confirms: until 5:00 pm 25 January: 29 people killed in protests. This balance only includes victims with confirmed identification. Amazonas 2 Barinas 3 Bolívar 5 Distrito Capital 9 Portuguesa 3 Táchira 3 Monagas 2 Yaracuy 1 Sucre 1
The US will ensure that Venezuela's commercial transactions benefit the government of Guaidó (Treasury)
U.S. considers putting Cuba on terror list over island's support of Venezuela's Maduro
Mike Pompeo appoints Elliott Abrams as special envoy on Venezuela.
1 year ago
President of Belarus Lukashenko in phone call expressed his support for Maduro
Maduro to Pedro Sánchez: if you want elections, do them in Spain
1 year ago
The Bank of England has denied Maduro's request to bring back $1.2 billion from its vaults, following requests from U.S. officials Pompeo and Bolton
One of @TRF_Stories' sources said that the contractors flew to Venezuela not from Russia, but from "third countries where they were conducting missions". @TRF_Stories looked at several flights, including a Ilyushin-96 that arrived in Cuba on 23 Jan Russia, Senegal, and Paraguay respectively.
Venezuela has "the full backing" of Russia, Maduro says.
Juan Guaidó: Freddy, Diosdado, if you want to achieve the cessation of the usurpation, welcome to speak whenever. I extend the call to the military command or to any official1 year ago
Juan Guaidó: Freddy, Diosdado, if you want to achieve the cessation of the usurpation, welcome to speak whenever. I extend the call to the military command or to any official
Maduro: Let's wait for 72 hours. The US government has to comply.
Maduro offers to Guaidó to meet wherever and whenever he wants
Maduro: We received a request from Guaidó for a meeting with Freddy Bernal, he had met with him on January 4. At that time he said he was going to respect the president
A convoy of at least a dozen black and white trucks was seen leaving from a area near the US embassy in eastern Caracas, this caravan passage was protected by police officers, according to a @Reuters witness.
Nicolas Maduro: The media accompany the attempt to impose a coup with a media coup, we see it and denounce it.
Yevgeny Shabayev, leader of a local chapter of a paramilitary group of Cossacks with ties to Russian military contractors, said he had heard the number of Russian contractors in Venezuela may be about 400.
Juan Guaidó: If they take me prisoner it would be a Coup d'Etat
1 year ago
Lavrov: If the Security Council meets on Venezuela, we will insist on the need to abide by international law
Private military contractors who do secret missions for Russia flew into Venezuela to beef up security for President Nicolas Maduro, according to Reuters
Acting president @jguaido: The US Embassy stays in Venezuela, with the doors open. And hopefully all will stay, the Russian, the Chinese.
1 year ago
[email protected] Next week we will go back to the street, where we have always been, we will let you know on Sunday, be very attentive
1 year ago
Maduro: They use images of the "Toma de Caracas" of 2016 as if it were on January 23
Maduro says majority of the Venezuelans want peace in the country
Juan Guaidó asks citizens to enter the Twitter accounts of the @AsambleaVE and download the Amnesty Law. "To study it and spread it"
1 year ago
Venevisión began broadcasting the speech of Guaidó and, after seconds, the VTV retransmission broke. Without prior announcement. They knocked him down.
Juan Guaidó from Caracas: It's time for Cuba to leave the Venezuela Armed Forces, Cuban Brother, you are welcome to this country, you can stay, but leave the armed forces, SOVEREIGNTY!
Juan Guaidó: We are not going to allow the Venezuelan assets to continue to be stolen. In the next few hours we will make announcements for the protection of these assets
Juan Guaidó: In just 2 days we achieved what they did not achieve in 6 years. We achieve humanitarian aid, and more and more countries join the aid. We start with 20 million dollars.
[email protected]: national police has to rely only on special forces cause no one else wants to disperse protests
President in charge @jguaido: Nobody gets tired here, nobody surrenders here. Venezuela woke up to never again sleep.
Juan Guaidó: Thank you all for so much sacrifice to get to this point
. @jguaido: Before starting official announcements, I want to offer a minute of silence to all the victims of the brutal repression.
Guaido: On January 23, "Venezuela awoke to make her dreams come true. Not just that our youth, our relatives and friends will come back, but that food will return to our tables".
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