5 August 2021
@VP Mike Pence will address the Venezuelan crisis at the Conference of the Americas, next week.
[email protected] calls for new mobilizations for the next three days. This Friday, assemblies throughout the country; for Saturday 4: national mobilization in peace to the main military units to join the constitution, and Sunday 5: Vigil and prayer.
Many wounded in crackdown in Cumana last night2 year ago
Many wounded in crackdown in Cumana last night
Yaracuy: Foro Penal reported that 22 people were arrested during street demonstrations registered this 1 May
John Bolton: In his desperation to hide the truth, Maduro cut the broadcast of open stations, turned off community radio stations and blocked access to the Internet.
PDVSA exported 1.06 mln bpd of crude, products last month, an 8-pct increase vs March boosted by larger deliveries to China. It continued exporting to Cuba and it also imported almost 1 mm bbl of Nigeria's Agbami crude for diluting its oil
@SecPompeo says it is "morally correct" not to rule out the use of American military force in Venezuela if all other options fail.
Maduro: "It's time for a rectification, we're going to cut off the head of anyone who has to be cut"
John Bolton:Maduro is undermining the Constitution and territorial integrity of Venezuela by allowing foreign countries to arm 'colectivos' and repress innocent Venezuelans. The Venezuela military's role in Venezuela's transition to democracy is vital – it must protect the people of Venezuela.
Maduro calls for the union of the Armed Forces, "we would firmly face any intervention by the United States and I am sure we would win"
Miranda: Demonstrators return at Redoma of San Antonio de los Altos
Leopoldo López: I think it is a matter of weeks before the cessation of the usurpation. 2May
Leopoldo López: The coalition in favor of freedom in Venezuela is the largest of recent times, and the concrete goal in which we all agree is free elections in Venezuela. We do not want to impose a de facto government. What is to be achieved is a free choice.
[email protected] "For 3 weeks I had meetings in my house with commanders and generals".
Leopoldo López: I thank the government of @sanchezcastejon and the Spaniards who have been very supportive of Venezuela
Leopoldo López: At the dawn of April 30th I received a pardon from the President @jguaido.
Spain warns that it will not deliver Leopoldo López
@CarlosHolmesTru: On instructions from the President @IvanDuque and on behalf of Colombia, tomorrow I will make strong proposals at the meeting of the Lima Group.
Venezuela calls on US to protect its embassy in Washington, says foreign minister
OAS urges extraregional powers to refrain from supporting Maduro
Caracas: Citizens return to take the streets of Altamira this Thursday.
Three protesters arested outside the embassy of Venezuela during a confrontation as Code Pink protesters attempted to throw food and supplies onto a landing outside an embassy door. Two of the detained are Code Pink folks, one from the Venezuelan pro-opposition group. DC
Caracas Court issues arrest warrant against @leopoldolopez who is in the residence of the Ambassador of Spain in Caracas.
Venezuela Supreme Court in exile requested the international community to apply the R2P and stop the genocide in Venezuela through an international military coalition on a peace mission.
Code Pink is holding a press conference at noon about their inability to transport food and medicine into the Venezuela embassy in DC where 50ish protesters have been living. They say pro-opposition protesters are blocking the enterances and exits, while police stand back.
US official: meeting next week between US and Russian foreign ministers in Finland to discuss the Venezuelan crisis
Trump condemns brutal crackdown against the Venezuelan people: It must end
OAS Meeting. US Representative: We are aware of Russia's intentions of increasing its presence in Venezuela's security systems
At NationalDayOfPrayer event, @POTUS begins by sending prayers to the people of Venezuela, adding "it must end soon.and we are there to help."
2 year ago
Russia's FM says phone call with US Secretary of State Pompeo about Venezuela had elements of the surreal
Meeting of The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) begins, to discus presence of Cuba and Russia in Venezuela
2 year ago
Russia will create a group of countries to counter military intervention in Venezuela, it is already being formed in the UN - Lavrov
Caracas: 14-year-old Yoifre Jesus Hernández Vásquez has succumbed of his wounds in the Ávila clinic after being shot in Altamira during the protest on 1st May
Confirmed death of a second injured in Altamira: Identified as Yoifre Jesús Hernández Vasquez
Maduro marched this Thursday at dawn with the FANB in Fort Tiuna
Maduro stars a military march that aims to reach the Ministry of Defense from Fort Tiuna
2 year ago
AFP: More than 60 thousand Venezuelans have entered Brazil so far in 2019.
[email protected] to Fox Business: The next steps against Maduro are "devastating".
Maduro: Yes we are in the battle. Maximum moral in this battle to disarm any traitor, any couper.
Maduro appears on the national TV at 6 am this 2May together with Vladimir Padrino López and Remigio Ceballos at Fort Tiuna. "The FANB has to show itself before the united, cohesive people," he says from the courtyard of the Military Academy.
2 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu on developments in Venezuela: We are against violence, military intervention. Problems can be solved through dialogue and cooperation
[email protected] from Fort Tiuna: Before the world and before our people our FANB has to give a historical lesson at this time.
Julio Borges asked Germany to lead the final action of Europe against Maduro
Rally at embassy of Venezuela in DC
Táchira, San Cristobal: Moments in which the National Guard launches tear gas bombs in the Church Fatima of Barrio Sucre
2 year ago
Tense situation in El Cafetal de Caracas sector. Officials of the FAES demolished entrance of Guarico Alcabalas from avenue Principal of Las Mercedes
Jurubith Rausseo Garcia Betzabeth, 27, was shot in the skull with firearm, and was transferred to Clinica el Avila. She died tonight at 8PM
Night protest in San Antonio de Los Altos
2 year ago
[email protected]: I am continuing to monitor the situation in Venezuela very closely. The United States stands with the People of Venezuela and their Freedom.
Chrystia Freeland:Canada commends the courage of Venezuelans demonstrating their desire for a return to democracy. It is time for the Maduro government to step aside and allow for a peaceful end to this crisis.2 year ago
Chrystia Freeland:Canada commends the courage of Venezuelans demonstrating their desire for a return to democracy. It is time for the Maduro government to step aside and allow for a peaceful end to this crisis.
Juan Guaidó: 397 demonstrations throughout Venezuela, 97 rally points, 23 of them brutally repressed, 32 detainees and 25 wounded. We are facing a government that lost control. The more we are on the streets, the closer we are
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