24 June 2021
Ambassador of Venezuela to the USA: Today an intense day of work to coordinate humanitarian aid for Venezuela. Thanks for so much solidarity @USAID
Venezuelan @PDVSA's European customers put crude purchases on hold as new sanctions loom following U.S. measures
US might take action against Turkey for its gold trade with Venezuela - U.S.
Reuters: Venezuela preparing to ship 15 tonnes of Central Bank gold reserves to UAE in coming days. Three-tonne shipment of Central Bank’s gold left #Venezuela for UAE on Jan 26
Thousands of accounts likely from Iran, Russia and Venezuela removed by Twitter for spreading disinformation online.
Néstor Reverol announced the capture this morning of retired Colonel Oswaldo García Palomo, for "being part of a new conspiracy plan."
[email protected]: The North American empire has given the order to boycott PDVSA, to burn their wells, but it does not occur, the counterorder of the president @NicolasMaduro is to increase production
[email protected] "my family is respected"
The Venezuelan National Police denied that FAES officials went to Santa Fe in search of the family of the acting president Juan Guaido.
Pro-Maduro rally in Barcelona, Spain
Colombian journalists @EFEnoticias freed with Charge d'Affaires Embassy of Colombia
[email protected] responds to the letter of Guaidó. "The UN is ready to increase its humanitarian and development activities in Venezuela."
"They approached the guardhouse to ask for Fabiana": Guaidó confirmed that the FAES came to his residence to ask about his family
Bolton: I wish Nicolas Maduro and his top advisors a long, quiet retirement, living on a nice beach somewhere far from Venezuela. They should take advantage of President Guaido's amnesty and move on. The sooner the better.
The Secretary General of the OAS condemns "vigorously" the intimidation of Guaidó
The EU announced the creation of an international contact group of European and Latin American countries to help chart a peaceful end to Venezuela's political crisis within 90 days
[email protected]: On Saturday we will meet again on the street in a demonstration of strength and organization.
[email protected]: The FAES came asking for my wife. There were 4 officials in a van and a motorcycle. They want to pass the red line.
This is the residence of Juan Guaidó (@jguaido), after an alarm arose due to the presence of FAES officials in the area.
Venezuela's @jguaido in English, gives this message to the American people: We want to reconstruct "our country, our liberty."
[email protected]: From here I go to my house and I invite the diplomatic corps and deputies to accompany me to see what FAES wants
@jguaido: Gentlemen of the FAES here I am with my wife, my daughter is in my house and I am responsible for anything and intimidation that they can do to my baby of just 20 months. From here I go to my house and we all go out together, I’m sure.
2 year ago
Confirmed by the press team of @jguaido that the Special operation forces of Venezuelan police(FAES) is arriving at the apartment where he lives with his family, while the President and his wife are in the Forum "Plan País" in the UCV, in Caracas.
2 year ago
Santa Fe: Special operation forces of Venezuelan police (FAES) surrounds building where the mother of Fabiana Rosales, wife of @jguaido lives. Neighbors prevent them from reaching the place.
[email protected]: The usurpers have tried to impose a policy of fear, see what has happened under their rule: prisoners, murdered, Maduro does not protect anyone, kidnap children, kill young people
[email protected] in presentation of the "PlanPaís": We will continue in the streets until the usurpation ceases. In Miraflores they bet that we were going to get tired. But this movement is unstoppable.
. @ jguaido: What it means to recover the State, restore goods and services. Today the State does not provide the minimum, it is not a whim of the Venezuelan to protest, no one faces pellets because he likes it.
[email protected] highlights that members of the intelligence of Colombia and the American CIA have participated in coup plan against @NicolasMaduro
Venezuelan Minister of Justice Néstor Reverol: "we unveiled a new conspiratorial plan increasing of the coup d'état, in complicity with the CIA and Julio Borges"
Venezuelan Justice Minister @NestorReverol identifies @JulioBorges as a member of the terrorist group that planned the attempted coup attempt against the president @NicolasMaduro
Venezuelan Minister of Justice @NestorReverol gives information of national and international interest on the destabilizing plan and attempted "coup d'état against constitutional and legitimate Government"
Venezuelan Minister of Justice: "Our intelligence agencies have unveiled a new conspiracy plan"
Unidentified C130 military transport heading north out of Bogota Colombia - interesting to discover the destination, considering the current climate in the region.
The two French journalists of "Quotidien" arrested Tuesday in Caracas have been released
Confirmed about an hour ago The USAF C17 Globemaster that left Bogota, Colombia landed shortly after at Panama City around 0200 UTC
HBAL internet-relay balloons over the Caribbean, north of Venezuela -operated by ProjectLoon are getting closer to the Venezuela border2 year ago
#HBAL internet-relay balloons over the Caribbean, north of #Venezuela -operated by #ProjectLoon are getting closer to the #Venezuela border
US Army EO-5C N177RA PLOMO27 spy plane, heading east over Colombia.2 year ago
US Army EO-5C N177RA PLOMO27 spy plane, heading east over Colombia.
Russian Ambassador in Venezuela: all stories about gold are propaganda to drop shadow on Russia
PetroChina to remove Venezuelan @PDVSA from refinery project in China: sources
Paris "demands the release" of two French journalists detained in Venezuela
Miranda: Protest demonstration at the area of the Plaza de El Rincón in Los Teques, protest demanding gas sales, without passage to Lagunetica or the center of Los Teques
2 year ago
The Russian Central Bank denies that Venezuela keeps its gold reserves in Russia
2 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 was registered in Pedernales, Delta Amacuro
EFE workers focus on supporting detainees in Venezuela
EU's Federica Mogherini demands release of foreign journalists held in Venezuela
European Parliament recognizes Guaidó as president of Venezuela and urges the EU to follow
2 year ago
Russian government denied presence of Russian military in Venezuela
2 year ago
Novaya Gazeta: on 18 and 28 January Russian transport Boeing 757 brought Venezuelan gold from Russian Central Bank to Dubai, sold it and brought cash to Caracas
2 year ago
UK backs 'targeted' sanctions on Venezuelan 'kleptocrats'
2 year ago
Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it has no information on "non-official jets" flying to Venezuela.
Chilean journalists who were deported from Venezuela arrived home
Spain demands Venezuela's "immediate" release of journalists from EFE (government)
11 hours since leaving Venezuela - inbound Moscow Russia Nordwind 777 VP-BJG
Guaidó affirms that the Venezuelan Army is "crucial" to overthrow Maduro
2 year ago
Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow welcomes the unwillingness of Latin American countries to follow the military path against Venezuela
2 year ago
Russian Foreign Ministry: It is clear that Washington is considering all options, including military, to resolve the crisis in Venezuela
Chilean Air Force 767-3Y0 985 airborne from Caracas Venezuela
2 year ago
Citgo Petroleum expatriate workers in U.S. ordered to return to Venezuela by Feb. 28 - sources
Venezuelan authorities detained three foreign journalists and a driver working for the Spanish news agency @EFEnoticias on Wednesday, the company said, in the latest arrests of reporters
The Efe journalists who were arrested by five Sebin officials with long weapons were taken from the hotel where they were staying after 9:00 p.m. They did not let in Efe's lawyers to accompany them on the Helicoide.
Colombian Government rejects arbitrary detention, in Venezuela, of 2 journalists and photographer of @EFEnoticias: Colombians Maureen Barriga and Leonardo Muñoz, and Spanish Gonzalo Domínguez. We demand immediate release and respect for their lives
2 year ago
[email protected]: Spoke today with Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaido to congratulate him on his historic assumption of the presidency and reinforced strong United States support for Venezuela's fight to regain its democracy..
2 year ago
[email protected]: ..Large protests all across Venezuela today against Maduro. The fight for freedom has begun.
Uruguay and Mexico call a conference of "neutral" countries on Venezuela
That Russian Nordwind 777 at Caracas, Venezuela Transponder on and taxiing.
Táchira Córdoba, Táchira State is firmly and without fear in the street2 year ago
Táchira Córdoba, Táchira State is firmly and without fear in the street
In Los Teques (Miranda), citizens declare support to Juan Guaidó, and the "cease in the usurpation" of Maduro
Ledezma about dialogue that Maduro proposed: I can not help but remember Oscar Pérez
Weird cargo aircraft E-Cargo B757 VP-BHM landing at Caracas Venezuela from Espargos Cape Verde
Colombia prohibits more than 200 collaborators of the Maduro to enter the country
USAF C17 Globemaster III 95-0107 RCH347 tracking over Colombia2 year ago
USAF C17 Globemaster III 95-0107 RCH347 tracking over Colombia
Protest at Maracay, Aragua. Avenue Bolívar in front of the CC Galeria Plaza2 year ago
Protest at Maracay, Aragua. Avenue Bolívar in front of the CC Galeria Plaza
Chief of the Southern Command of the United States, Admiral Craig Faller, arrives in the city of Cúcuta and will make a tour of the border with Venezuela.
"Collectivos" attack protesters in La Candelaria
U.S. sanctions a Nicaraguan oil company subsidiary of Venezuela's PDVSA
Acting President of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, participated in the protest in petition to the opening of the humanitarian channel in the University Clinical Hospital
[email protected]: They call false dialogues to get us out of the way, of strength and courage
Juan Guaidó stresses that humanitarian aid could reach Venezuela on Friday
Pro-Maduro protest also being held today
[email protected], representative for Venezuela's @jguaido in U.S., says plans to meet with @WhiteHouse on Wednesday, @USTreasury Department possibly on Thursday to discuss how to take control of Venezuelan government assets
Protesters have partially closed Guarenas-Guatire highway2 year ago
Protesters have partially closed Guarenas-Guatire highway
This is the Boyacá footbridge, Barcelona, Edo. Anzoátegui, the protest called by the @AsambleaVE
"On 4 February we will discuss in the Lima Group the three points for the transition in Venezuela," said Borges
Maracaibo: rally at Bella Vista Ave with 72nd Street in support of @jguaido2 year ago
Maracaibo: rally at Bella Vista Ave with 72nd Street in support of @jguaido
Merida: citizens protest in plaza El Llano2 year ago
Merida: citizens protest in plaza El Llano
Caracas: Avenue Francisco de Miranda shutdown at the area of Lido mall
Venezuela: pro-government "collectivos" are roaming the streets of Caracas today. Here they can be seen passing a small anti-Maduro protest in front of a childrens' hospital, clearly trying to provoke the crowd.
Rally in Rafael Urdaneta, Valencia
Lara also in Barquisimeto protest in different points in rejection of Maduro. Photo @ jesusreportero1
Rally at Boulevard de El Cafetal2 year ago
Rally at Boulevard de El Cafetal
Protesters with the Venezuelan flag and citizen placards in El Marqués2 year ago
Protesters with the Venezuelan flag and citizen placards in El Marqués
Guarenas also went out to the street.2 year ago
Guarenas also went out to the street.
Gustavo Tarre Briceño, ambassador of Venezuela to the OAS: The only self-proclaimed person in Venezuela is Maduro, he was not sworn in before the National Assembly.
Protest at Santa Fe, Caracas now2 year ago
Protest at Santa Fe, Caracas now
Two French journalists arrested at the government palace in Caracas. They are part of the daily program presented by Yann Barthès. Confirmed by the French Embassy in Venezuela
Rally at Bello Monte, Caracas protesting against Maduro
"Guaidó, Guaidó, Guaidó" - chanting a rally at the Redoma de Guaparo in this day of protest #Valencia
More people came to Plaza Altamira
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