Guaidó: "The National Assembly will meet on Tuesday in the Legislative Palace as appropriate"

Map. History of Venezuela conflict

19 January 2020
Guaido says that some opposition deputies were offered "exuberant amounts" of money to "sell out" to the PSUV, but they refused. Without naming them, he thanks them for their honesty
[email protected]: Today I call Venezuela to demonstrate the power we have, I will do it every day, because it is the only way out of the Maduro regime
Guaidó: "The National Assembly will meet on Tuesday in the Legislative Palace as appropriate"
[email protected] jguaido: Four pickets of different repressive agencies of the dictatorship tried to curb our right, that's what we live in, it's not a government, it's a dictatorship
Argentina Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, Felipe Solá: "We reject this action and urge the Venezuelan executive to accept that the road is exactly the opposite. The Assembly must elect its president with full legitimacy"
[email protected] re-elected as President of the National Assembly with 100 Votes. Also elected: Deputy Juan Pablo Guanipa as 1st Vice-President and Carlos Berrizbeitia as 2nd Vice-President
European Union considers the coup against the National Assembly as a "new step in the deterioration of the Venezuelan crisis"
Nicolas Maduro: The National Assembly had its meeting that was scheduled in the constitution. The AN sworn to new opposition board of directors headed by Luis Parra
Lima Group condemns the use of force to prevent deputies from freely accessing the National Assembly of Venezuela
Deputy Delsa Solórzano nominated: Juan Guaidó for his re-election as President of the AN. as first Vice President: Juan Pablo Guanipa and second Vice President: Carlos Berrizbeitia.
The interim president of Bolivia, @JeanineAnez, "flatly" rejected the events that happened in the National Assembly of Venezuela, where chavista parliamentarians and legislators involved in corruption cases, illegally elected Luis Parra, as president of Parliament
Deputy @omargonzalez6 says June 16 faction was planning to abstain from today's vote. But, given today's events at the National Assembly, they've changed their minds. The room erupts in clapping and cheering
Dip. @delsasolorzano: Today we have been attacked, our Federal Legislative Palace has been violently taken over by the National Force, the president @Jguaido was violently beaten.
[email protected], National Assembly MP: In our country there should not be a Power vacuum as in Venezuela, so we ratify Juan Guaidó as president of the Republic of Venezuela to remain in office
Maduro: "If the failed and corrupt Guaidó did not enter it is because he did not have enough votes to win, it is that he does not even have them well placed and did not show his face"
Maduro: "The National Assembly has made a decision and it is that they have a new board of directors that is of the opposition. Since December a rebellion was ringing in the National Assembly"
Here, with photos, the evidence that Juan Guaidó had the quorum necessary to be reelected. That's why they didn't let him in. It had 83 votes in favor, and 43 against between Chavistas and Salta Talanquera
The presidency in charge of @jguaido, issued a statement to alert the international community "the assault on Parliament" by the Maduro government
Guaido is trying to jump the fence to get into the National Assembly. He is being forcibly prevented by the GNB
Chavista deputies elected Luis Parra as president of the National Assembly without the president @jguaido being present
12:34 pm Incidents in the immediate vicinity of the Federal Legislative Palace. With pushing, the GNB tries to prevent @jguaido, deputies and journalists from moving towards the session
Already @jguaido and @JuanPGuanipa managed to pass the GNP cordon that prevents entry into the National Assembly
Juan Guaidó: "The dictatorship has once again militarized the National Assembly, the army does not allow us to enter parliament, they want to prevent the re-election of the National Assembly directive"
@jguaido "We will make every effort to allow entrance of the press and all the deputies to the National Assembly"
[email protected] arrives at the headquarters of the Democratic Action party: It cannot be that they militarize the Palace
While closing access to the National Assembly, the Ministry of Communication of the government does not allow the accreditation of 386 journalists who will cover the session of the day of this January 5
8.10 am Blocked access to the National Assembly by the corner of Pajaritos and the university avenue. the National Guard halved the number of reporters who may be in the press box
CCTV footage shows someone leaving the suitcase outside the hotel. AN deputies are blaming SEBIN for simulating a bomb threat to force them to evacuate the hotel just hours before they vote on re-electing Juan Guaido
Ahead of tomorrow's vote to re-elect Juan Guaido as President of Venezuela's National Assembly. A 'bomb' has been planted outside the Hotel Paseo Las Mercedes where many deputies were staying. SEBIN is forcing the deputies to evacuate
Venezuelan Conviasa Airbus A340-211 V0121 YV1004 airborne from Damascus Syria2 week ago
Venezuelan Conviasa Airbus A340-211 V0121 YV1004 airborne from Damascus Syria
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