26 July 2021
Venezuelan President Maduro expresses support for Cuban administration, after large anti-government protests there "All support to President Miguel Diaz-Canel, all support to the people of Cuba, to the revolutionary government of Cuba"
President Maduro announces that two assassination plots were intercepted in recent weeks. A June 24th (Carabobo Bicentennial) drone plot was anticipated and neutralized. Another was planned for the July 5th independence day civic-military parade
Video recorded the moment when government agents intercepted the truck in which Juan Guaidó was
Trujillo Protest: Inhabitants in Trujillo blocked streets after two months without water service1 week ago
Trujillo Protest: Inhabitants in Trujillo blocked streets after two months without water service
Officials identified with the DIE of the PNB, tried to take @jguaido into custody at his residence in Santa Fe. They fired a shot with a firearm next to the truck in which he was. They failed to take him away
FAES officers being chased out of Guaidos apartment block and their vehicles were hit by Guaido supporters
Juan Guaidó after being intercepted by the FAES: "They pointed long weapons at us and detonated an explosive in the parking lot"
Freddy Guevara has been detained by Maduros security forces
[email protected]: We alert the country and the international community about the arrest of MP Freddy Guevara by government officials. We also denounce the siege of which @jguaido is being a victim, also by the forces of the government at his residence
Persecussion @eliaspino: The arrest of Freddy Guevara, leader of VP, is reported. There is also talk of arrest warrants against 11 other opposition leaders. Very alarming news of repression
Cota 905: A real war arsenal has been seized during Operation Gran Cacique Indio Guaicaipuro
@luisgonzaloprz: Police officials have surrounded @jguaido's truck along with other members of his team such as @LuisSomaza when they left their residence in Santa Fe
Caracas: They captured three of the Colombian paramilitaries allegedly involved in the clashes in Cota 905, El Paraíso, La Vega and other neighboring sectors, according to Delcy Rodríguez
After confirming the death of 22 alleged criminal members of the Koki gang, during the capture of Cota 905, the police forces announced that they are in the process of installing 35 permanent surveillance points in this community
Another video of the truck trying to pass through the roads in Cota 905, the gangs blocked almost all roads with cars to slow down security forces
Politics The leader of the Vente Venezuela party, María Corina Machado, stressed that the armed confrontations registered in various areas of Caracas show the inaction of the State and the control of criminal groups
FAES entering Cota 905 this morning, hundreds of FAES officers and other security forces will reportedly conduct house to house searches Venezuela
The armed confrontations, carried out by the criminal gangs of Cota 905 and the State security agencies, registered have left at least eight people dead
The armed confrontations, carried out by the criminal gangs of Cota 905 and the State security agencies, registered have left at least eight people dead
Four dead and several wounded were registered after attacks by armed gangs of elevation 905
2 week ago
Government offers $ 500,000 for the capture of El Koki, El Vampi and El Galvis
Venezuela: Authorities closed roads in northwest Caracas due to intense firefight between security forces
Terror in the Los Alpes del Cementerio neighborhood: Underworld forces neighbors to vacate homes to use them as human shields
In el Valle the gangs have seized a VN-4 armoured vehicle from the GNB
4:30 PM- FAES officials manage to reach "La Gallera" on the hill of Cota 905 in the area of Ciudad de Dios. In this place, the band of Koki, Garbis and Vampi were part of their parties
4:35 pm 8July This neighbor of El Paraíso says that an explosion has just been heard and describes how a place is burning next to a Barrio Adentro module in Cota905, where parties are held every weekend
Gang members tried to set fire to the entrance of the Novo hotel in El Paraíso Venezuela
The police officers in this video are less than 200 meters from el Helicoide. the Koki gang are shooting down from the high ground around Cementerio del sur and barrio Guzman blanco
A third of Caracas is still under fire from the underworld. Between yesterday and today there are 6 fatalities and 11 gunshot wounds, according to unofficial figures. Hear today Thursday 8Jul at 6pm to the social and political leader of the El Paraíso parish
"El Coqui" has mocked Venezuelan authorities more than once. This week, his gang fired on police headquarters in El Helicoide, injuring an official. Find out more about the story of "El Coqui," the leader of the most dangerous criminal group in Caracas
Caracas Cota905 1:20 PM @ JoseMiguel_8a Fire at the entrance to El Paraíso Tunnel, near Cota 905
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