Map. History of Venezuela conflict

17 October 2017
Russia and Venezuela to do debt restructuring deal by November 15
Marco Rubio: The widespread fraud and illegalities in the election of Venezuela demonstrate that Nicolás Maduro is a dictator
Rally in city of Bolivar, awaiting results was dispersed
Venezuela socialists claim victory in governors' elections as opposition cries foul
Psuv wins 17 governorates amid allegations of fraud
Collectives assaulted and robbed voters in Chacao - @ElNacionalWeb
23 arrests in the electoral day in Venezuela, according to the lawyer @alfronomero of the Penal Forum @PorHumanidad
@freddysuperlano, candidate of Democratic Unity to the state's government #Barinas exercised his right
Colegio de Médicos in Santa Fe, Caracas. People is voting today
In Maracay people went out to vote massively
Venezuela opposition hopes for victory in regional elections
Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 25km SSW of Puerto Vivas, Venezuela
Ortega Díaz: The Government exercises a dominion of the Judicial Power to execute the persecutory actions for political or ideological reasons
Attorney Luisa Ortega Díaz: In Venezuela there is no rule of law or democracy. The constitutional order has been broken
President @NicolasMaduro: Venezuela has the right to be a free, sovereign, rebel, independent and prosperous
[email protected]: We have returned after culminating a tour of countries that we call the 'new world'. The world Venezuela is a part of.
"We reject socialist oppression" in Venezuela, says @POTUS. "We want God-given freedom and the rule of law."
@POTUS "Under my administration we have taken decisive action to stand with the good people of Cuba and Venezuela."
President Erdoğan and Maduro issued joint statement after meeting
Maduro goes to Belarus ahead of visit to Russia, posts pictures on Instagram.
President @NicolasMaduro: We will strengthen our military technical field with the help of Russia
Putin: Venezuela is going through tough times, but @NicolasMaduro talks to his opponents
Venezuela Maduro arrived in Moscow
Venezuela's Maduro says debt payments to Russia may be restructured
Venezuela's Del Pino Says Asked Egypt to Join OPEC-Led Cuts
President of #Venezuela Nicolas Maduro condemned "brutal repression of the Government of Mariano Rajoy against the peaceful people of Catalonia"
Procession of San Miguel Arcángel in Caracas.
You know we are not dictators - says Vice President @TareckPSUV
Candidate @joseolivaresm denounces that his brother will be sentenced by the fourth Court Control of Vargas
4.1M earthquake shaked Apure