Map. History of Venezuela conflict

24 August 2017
Rubio: USA will never accept as legitimate this system created by these tyrants, criminals and drug traffickers in Venezuela
Rubio demands on Venezuela: Free elections, freedom of political prisoners, justice for those who have suffered
@FLGovScott: Maduro and his gang should step aside
Chancellor of Brazil welcomed Ortega Díaz and offered her asylum: She knows that in case she needs it, she would be granted
Venezuelan opposition in exile meet with Vice President Pence @VP in Doral
Venezuela ex-prosecutor claims 'a lot of proof' of Maduro corruption
Prosecutor Ortega Díaz: I have evidence involving Maduro by cases of corruption with Odebrecht
Arrival of the dismissed Venezuelan prosecutor, Luisa Ortega Díaz to Brasilia this morning
WSJ: The United States considers restricting Venezuelan bond operations to economically punish the Maduro regime
Venezuelan airline Santa Bárbara announces temporary suspension of its Caracas-Panama-Caracas route
At least four dead and 15 disappeared due landslide in Choroní
Chilean government grants political asylum to five Venezuela Supreme court judges appointed by the National Assembly
Putin is the world top leader, -Maduro
Venezuela has advanced Russian defense weapons, Maduro says
President @NicolasMaduro: Soon I will go to Moscow to talk about the recovery of oil prices
Maduro: We support Russia in all scenarios
Maduro: The Constitution will go to a referendum and the people will say whether they approve it or not
I am a victim of Macri and Temer, - says Maduro
Venezuela will request the Interpol to capture the ex-prosecutor general Luisa Ortega
There is a conspiracy run from Miami. There are several groups and they are all activated, -says Maduro
Maduro: "Bogotá has become the center of the conspiracy against Venezuela"
Maduro recommends Juan Manuel Santos to read the Constitution of Venezuela
Reuters TV crew was removed from Miraflores by military, for live broadcast of Maduro
Ortega Díaz: I reiterate to the Venezuelans my commitment to achieve peace and the return of the freedoms today contorted by the dictatorship.
Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Díaz will participate this Wednesday in Meeting of the Prosecutors General of Mercosur in Brasilia
President of the Colombian Senate Efraín Cepeda, invited Luisa Ortega to the morning plenary
This is the #SolarEclipse in Barquisimeto this Monday afternoon
#EclipseVenezuela from Guarenas, Miranda (2:55 pm)
@Stalin_gonzalez: apply for asylum to Colombia: in Vzla there are political persecution, especially against opposition
President Santos says ex-prosecutor Ortega is "under protection" in Colombia