Map. History of Venezuela conflict

29 June 2017
Maracaibo: car burnt and driver killed by Molotov's cocktail
Venezuela's helicopter mystery front page today in @WSJ
Venezuela ABA CANTV ISP blocked access to Facebook, Twiter, Youtube and Instagram
Police is using tear gas in La Vega, Caracas
Barricades are burning in Petare, Caracas
MP Cabello compared Oscar Pérez video to the same of ISIS
Map of protest points in Caracas today
MP @jguaido: "The Government no longer controls anything"
One wounded in Sabana Grande, Caracas
Police has detained members of Green Cross and protesters in San Antonio de Los Altos
5 protesters were wounded in clashes in Maracay
Man was captured by protesters - has looted the property in Las Delicias, Maracay
Supreme Tribunal of Justice adjusted preliminary hearings against the Attorney General for the 4th of July
Rebel Attorney General Luisa Ortega banned from leaving the country, using her bank accounts by Supreme Court.
Police crackdown in Las Mercedes
Bus caught on fire/exploded in Los Mangos, Guayana City
The CICPC helicopter stolen from the Carlota AB was found after intense search operations in Vargas, Venezuela
Video: At this minutes at Bello Campo - Chacao in Caracas
Los Teques: National Police is attacking Los Castores neighborhoods. There are wounded and detained
Wounded at Avenida Las Delicias, Maracay
Crackdown at connector between La Urbina and Petare, West Caracas
Clashes continue at Las Delicias Avenue in Maracay, Aragua
Pro-Maduro "collectivos" are attempting to enter Hospital de Clínicas Caracas, attacking opposition protesters
Police crackdown on protesters in Maracay, Aragua
National Police represses peaceful protest on San Martin Avenue
Unknown location
Located the helicopter that was used by Óscar Pérez
National Guard is dispersing protesters at CCCT Chuao Caracas
Caracas: protesters remains at Los Ruices despite police crackdown
Protest in Leone's, Barquisimeto, Lara
Unknown location
Venezuela armed forces localized helicopter used by Oscar Perez yesterday. No signs of him
Protest at Plaza Bolivar in San Cristobal Tachira
Protest in Maturin, Monagas today
6 UCV students wounded in clashes at Avenue Los Ilustres
Police wounded MP of Venezuela Parliament Juan Guaidó
Protest in El Rosal, Caracas despite heavy rain
Protester in San Martin, Caracas
Protesters from Guarenas and Guatire against "Constitutional fraud"
Protesters shut down the highway in Anzoátegui
Protesters shutdown highway at "16th kilometer" in El Junquito
Protesters shutdown the road in Montalban, Caracas
National Guard launches tear gas in Nueva Barcelona. Arrested 2 people in Nueva Guaica and 2 in El Ingenio