Map. History of Venezuela conflict

14 April 2021
2 year ago
Foreign Ministry denies Tu-160 bombers brought nukes to Venezuela
Russian Tu-160 bombers continue to train with Venezuelan Air Force2 year ago
Russian Tu-160 bombers continue to train with Venezuelan Air Force
Joint training of Tu-160, Su-30Mk2 and F-16 over Caribbean sea2 year ago
Joint training of Tu-160, Su-30Mk2 and F-16 over Caribbean sea
Nicolás Maduro made strong threats against Colombia. Accused President Duque of being behind an alleged plot with the US to prepare a war against Venezuela
Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Democrat Bob Menéndez requested President Donald Trump to declare "illegitimate" the Government of, Nicholas Maduro, before January 10, when he predictably swears his post until 2025.
Borges: Maduro wants to show a force he does not have with Russian planes
Ledezma: Mature, you can bring all the planes you want, but you're scraped
Venezuela's Maduro says he's uncovered an assassination plot against him that leads directly to the White House
Ledezma: The EU should clearly say that Maduro is illegitimate
2 year ago
"We have spoken with representatives of Russia and have been informed that their military aircraft, which landed in Venezuela, will be leaving on Friday and going back to Russia," says @PressSec.
Maduro: The White House assigned John Bolton to fill Venezuela with violence
Ambassador who wants to leave could leave, says Maduro
Maduro to Iván Duque: unfriendly is to train mercenaries in Colombia to kill me
Venezuela's joint military exercises with Russia should put the entire South American continent on alert against an "unfriendly act", Colombia's President Ivan Duque warned
2 year ago
Russian authorities informed U.S. that 2 Tu-160 will return from Venezuela on 14 December
Video: journalist reporting from runway of Simon Bolivar International Airport of Venezuela while Tu-160 landing
RuAF Il-62 86572 from Chkalovskiy to Dakar2 year ago
RuAF Il-62 86572 from Chkalovskiy to Dakar
Colombia will not be "intimidated" by Russian bombers in Venezuela
Rubio on Russian bombers in Venezuela: It is a threat to US security
2 year ago
Norway's Defense Ministry confirms Norwegian F-16s on NATO Quick Reaction Alert intercepted the Russian TU-160s in international airspace while off the the coast of Northern Norway Monday. Norwegian pilots have been scrambled 55 times this year to intercept Russian aircraft
Russian Ministry of Defense video of Tu-160 flight to Venezuela
Photo: Tu-160 and F-16 of Venezuela Air Force
Pompeo: Russia's government has sent bombers halfway around the world to Venezuela. The Russian and Venezuelan people should see this for what it is: two corrupt governments squandering public funds, and squelching liberty and freedom while their people suffer.
Digital Globe image of Tu-160 in Venezuela
Tu-160 94100 and 94100 arrived in Venezuela, 94108 was airborne too, but worked as radio communication relay, and returned to base2 year ago
Tu-160 #94100 and #94100 arrived in Venezuela, #94108 was airborne too, but worked as radio communication relay, and returned to base
Two Russian Tu-160 bombers land in Venezuela, according to Defense Ministry
Three Russian aircraft, one Antonov cargo 124-100, one Ilyushin II-62 passenger and 2 Tupolev Tu-160 BlackJack arrived at the Maiquetia Airport. They will participate in aerial exercises.
Caracas and Moscow will carry out military maneuvers for eventual defense of Venezuela.
2 year ago
Norwegian F-18 fighter jets shadowed Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers at several stages of flight from Russia to Venezuela - @mod_russia
Russian strategic missile-carriers Tu-160 and military transport aircraft An-124 arrived to Venezuela
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