Map. History of Venezuela conflict

13 April 2021
USA brings more humanitarian aid to the Colombian border with Venezuela
Cucuta Border, Tienditas bridge: Humanitarian aid arrives from Puerto Rico
[email protected]: "Today the life of the republic and its values is at risk, this struggle is existential, we are talking about the emergency we have as a nation."
Teachers of the state Táchira faced the National Guard in San Antonio customs after protesting to demand the passage of humanitarian aid
Táchira: A few minutes ago, National Guard closed its way to the Simón Bolívar Bridge in San Antonio after realizing that some teachers who would demand access to humanitarian aid managed to cross
Leaked State Department email: US military aircraft to start delivering 250 tons of humanitarian aid to Venezuela border.
Venezuela President Maduro tells @AP that his foreign minister Jorge Arreaza secretly met with US envoy Elliott Abrams in New York this week.
Presidents @IvanDuque and @jguaido will broadcast on Instagram LIVE this afternoon to give details of the Humanitarian Aid delivery #AvalanchaHumanitaria on February 23.
President of Colombia, @IvanDuque: "The future of Colombia also has to do with Venezuela, I can not stop saying that Venezuela is going through the worst humanitarian crisis in history because of a dictatorship."
[email protected], president of Colombia: This reality merits that the diplomatic siege be strengthened and strengthened, that the Venezuelan military force be clearly invited to lend their allegiance to the National Assembly and its president, Guaidó.
President @IvanDuque at the OAS: The night of the dictatorship will not be eternal, its end has come. The night of those who believed that they could fracture the Inter-American System is over. A new dawn is about to begin on the continent.
President @IvanDuque at the OAS: We feel the need to continue to present to the world the urgency of a diplomatic siege that isolates the Venezuelan dictatorship.
President @IvanDuque at the OAS: I want to acknowledge the efforts that have been made to recognize the President @jguaido as the great protector of Venezuelans.
OFAC sanctions Manuel Ricardo Cristopher Figuera director of SEBIN
OFAC sanctions Hildemaro Jose Rodriguez Mucura Commissioner of SEBIN
US revokes visas for members of the "illegitimate" Supreme Court of Justice
The US sanctions five relatives of the "former president Maduro" - Treasury
President of Colombia is received at the Organization of American States.
[email protected]_OEA2015: The Venezuelan crisis has tested the commitment of many and while some have been indifferent, in the case of Colombia, the Venezuelan crisis has shed light on the democratic vocation of his government.
.@NicolasMaduro: The first Congress of the Republic was in 1811 where it was declared that Venezuela would be a free and independent Republic. There the laws were founded2 year ago
[email protected]: The first Congress of the Republic was in 1811 where it was declared that Venezuela would be a free and independent Republic. There the laws were founded
Maduro speaking in Ciudad Bolivar on occasion of Congreso de Angostura anniversary2 year ago
Maduro speaking in Ciudad Bolivar on occasion of "Congreso de Angostura" anniversary
Council of Ministers of Spain approves 3 million euros in humanitarian aid for Venezuela, intended for the care of pregnant women, antiretrovirals, insulins and other medicines.
More prisoners were transferred to the border of Venezuela with Colombia
Maduro's plane climbing out from Caracas, Venezuela -Government of Venezuela A319 0001 VMC2
Twitter has revealed a database with 1,196 accounts suspended in Venezuela that "seem to be involved in an influence campaign driven by the Venezuelan government," according to the social network.
Bolton: After diverting aid needed badly by Venezuelans to Cuba last week (100 tons), and giving away billions of the Venezuelan people's wealth to Cuba - Maduro seeks aid from Cuba and China. All while denying the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis and rejecting aid at the border.
Maduro's Supreme Tribunal of Justice declares null and void appointments of the directors of Citgo and PDVSA
Constitutional Chamber of the TSJ: Constitutes another assault on the rule of law by the National Assembly, a body that is in contempt and whose acts are absolutely null.
2 year ago
Russian oil producer Lukoil's trading arm Litasco has stopped carrying out swap operations with Venezuela since US sanctions were imposed on the Latin American country's state oil company in January
Maduro's MFA Arreaza at United Nations: Venezuela will respond proportionally to any type of attack against the country
Constituent Prosecutor, Tarek William Saab, states that humanitarian aid expected from Colombia is a show and military intervention
Venezuela MFA @jaarreaza: We believe that the principles of the Charter of the United Nations are being violated, we all have the right to live without being threatened
[email protected]: In Venezuela there is only one government, that of the president @NicolasMaduro, not that of a man who proclaimed himself in the middle of a street, whatever he says is totally absurd and illegal
Venezuela foreign minister flanked by Ambassadors from Russia, Iran, Syria and China announces formation of group of countries to defend and protect "sovereignty" of nations
A Venezuela judge in exile at a conference in Washington has invoked the UN's doctrine of Responsibility to Protect as the legal framework for international involvement
UN ambassadors of Russia, Syria, Iran, China, NK, Nicaragua, Palestinian observer, and ForMin of Venezuela preparing to brief the press
US Secretary of State: Iran supports Hezbollah and its activities in South America
Carlos Vecchio, ambassador of Venezuela in the U.S: "The drama that is taking place in Venezuela affects all Venezuelans regardless of their social status"
2 year ago
Report blackout in several areas of the Greater Caracas
Venezuelan Ambassador to the US, Carlos Vecchio, @carlosvecchio, from the OAS: "The reason for our struggle is none other than to stop the suffering and pain of our people"
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