Map. History of Venezuela conflict

17 August 2018
6 month ago
Colombia warns of the collapse of Venezuela's economy and calls for an emergency plan
@statedeptspox: The US strongly rejects the call by Venezuela's illegitimate Constituent Assembly for snap presidential elections before April 30. This vote would be neither free nor fair.
6 month ago
Canada welcomes the European Union sanctions against Venezuelan officials:No more abuses of the Maduro government will be tolerated
The European Union imposes sanctions on seven Venezuelan high officials
6 month ago
6 Ukrainians, 2 Venezuelans killed in hotel attack in Kabul
Venezuela: Óscar Pérez's wife demands that authorities return her a body
6 month ago
Report that the GN took the Plaza Altamira, no one can stay in this space
Maduro to the opposition: I have stretched out my two hands and managed to sit them on the table of dialogue Yesterday they received the order of imperialism not to sit down to dialogue The agreement of the dialogue is ready to sign but if you want to remain without dialogue there you
Situation outside morgue of Bello Monte CCS - @AereoMeteo
EU gives green light to sanctions against Venezuelan officials: European source
EU likely to hit Venezuelan officials with sanctions - diplomats
Venezolanos in Madrid Spain protests against the State of Nicolás Maduro and demonstrated in active mourning for the massacre of Oscar Pérez
Venezuelan Interior Ministry says Perez and 6 rebels were killed in shootout with the police
Irregular situation with truck loaded with chickens in Villa de Cura
Source to CNN: Óscar Pérez died, ex pilot of the Venezuelan Police
Maduro on case Óscar Pérez: Today there was an unfortunate armed confrontation that left two young policemen dead, shot with bullets in the head, 6 badly wounded PNB, there are more than 5 captured, and the plans they had are spooky
Maduro refers to the case of Óscar Pérez's group:I want to congratulate the GNB, PNB and special commands of the Armed Forces to dismantle the terrorist group that attacked the TSJ in the month of June.
Venezuela's Maduro getting a standing ovation for announcing a new handout of 700,000 bolivars monthly for pregnant women and 1 million at birth. That's $3.83 and $5.48, respectively. Will probably be worth much less by the end of the week
2 policemen killed and 5 "criminals" arrested in operation in Venezuela against ex-police revolt Óscar Pérez, according to the government of Venezuela
The Venezuelan Government confirms that the armed group led by Oscar Pérez was dismantled
APC arrives to the area where a military / police operation is carried out to find Óscar Pérez
Police groups and firefighters say they dropped the pilot Oscar Pérez. The conversations in the social network Whatsapp assure that after intense shooting, that would be the result. Authorities do not confirm. He has not posted more videos
Special operation against Oscar Perez in El Junquito
7 month ago
Venezuelan authorities surround rogue helicopter pilot Perez
VIDEO - Óscar Pérez in the midst of clashes with the military forces of the Maduro regime: They are killing me, God is our shield and we are his sword
Óscar Pérez denounces that Maduro's regime launches a strong attack against him and his group. He is injured after the explosion of a grenade.
Message from Oscar Perez, the ex-policeman who revolted against the Maduro regime, being surrounded by military and intelligence officials.7 month ago
Message from Oscar Perez, the ex-policeman who revolted against the Maduro regime, being surrounded by military and intelligence officials.
Truck with cheese was looted at La Victoria, Aragua
Hungry Venezuelans raiding private ranches in groups to kill cows for meat.
Authorities confirm finding of fifth body of a Venezuelan rafter after shipwreck on the coast of Curaçao.
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