Map. History of Venezuela conflict

18 Eylül 2018
Venezuelan Minister attributes to "sabotage" the constant blackouts in the oil state.
1 ay önce
Quito decrees a humanitarian emergency due to the influx of Venezuelans
US considers "illegal" the arrest of opposition MP for attack on Maduro
1 ay önce
#Zulia The GNB, Polimaracaibo, PNG, DGCIM and Sebin are deployed throughout the city to avoid protests against the power failure and the other terrible services that Maracaibo is experiencing
1 ay önce
#Veppex(organization of Venezuelans in exile): The Maduro government has used the attack to accuse presidents, countries and politicians
1 ay önce
#Ecopetrol denounced attack on oil pipeline in border area with #Venezuela
President Maduro: It is the first time in history that a drone attack is made
General of GN is detained in case of drone attack
President Nicolas Maduro says he would allow FBI agents come to Venezuela to help investigate a recent alleged plot to kill him with explosive drones - but with conditions
1 ay önce
KCNA: "The message extended congratulations to the people of the fraternal DPRK on behalf of the Venezuelan people, government and president on the occasion of65th anniversary of the victory of the Fatherland Liberation War, an auspicious event of world-historic significance."
Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Díaz on detention of Requesens: Undoubtedly this is a kidnapping, the arrest of him - Juan Requesens - takes place arbitrarily, there is no due process1 ay önce
Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Díaz on "detention" of Requesens: "Undoubtedly this is a kidnapping, the arrest of him - Juan Requesens - takes place arbitrarily, there is no due process"
1 ay önce
#Colombia: President Iván Duque orders to reinforce security on the border with #Venezuela
Panama says it is irresponsible to accuse Santos of the attack against Maduro without evidence.
At this moment the SEBIN without a search warrant, without the presence of lawyers, is forcibly entering the house of @JulioBorges to raid it
1 ay önce
Regime of Maduro makes a search at the homes of councilors of Primero Justicia, Julio Mora and Jorge Mora in the Cárdenas municipality in the Táchira state.
Rafaela Requesens: I denounce that the WhatsApp associated with my brother's phone Juan Requesens is being activated by regime officials. We are grateful to denounce and not to spread information that is sent by this way
National Assembly of Venezuela approved on Thursday an agreement in rejection of the "arbitrary actions" ordered by Nicolás Maduro against the deputies Juan Requesens and Julio Borges and against the institutionality of the Parliament.
Venezuela demands that the US hands over someone called Osman Delgado Tabosky, who lives in Miami, whom they are accusing of planning the supposed assassination attempt on Maduro.
Venezuela's Maduro alleges 2 opposition leaders linked to drone attack
Juan Requesens habría sido detenido por el SEBIN.
Maduro flanked by his closest collaborators says that in a few hours will reveal the evidence that commit Juan Manuel Santos in the alleged attack against him
Brazilian judge orders border closed for Venezuelan immigrants
1 ay önce
Turkish President met Venezuela's top economy chief to discuss economic cooperation.
Protest for lack of water in Lara
There will be a march in support of Nicolás Maduro during work hours for public employees. On Sunday nobody moved. - @Luis Carlos
Video of drone explosion in Caracas
A senior official of the White House made it clear on Sunday that the United States was not behind the alleged "attack" against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in on Saturday.
A group called the National Movement of Franelas Soldiers claims the attack against Maduro
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro survives drone 'attack', blames Colombia and right-wing plotters
1 ay önce
The Presidency of Colombia assured today that the affirmation of the Venezuelan leader, Nicolás Maduro, that the Colombian head of State, Juan Manuel Santos, is responsible for the supposed attack this afternoon against him in Caracas, is baseless.
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