21 July 2024
Maduro orders the Venezuelan military to conduct 'defensive actions' in the Atlantic in response to the Royal Navy Offshore Patrol Vessel 'HMS Trent' visiting Guyana
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro orders more than 5,600 military personnel to participate in a "defensive" exercise, after Britain said it was sending a Royal Navy warship to waters off neighboring Guyana
7 month ago
Alex Saab will be released by agreement between the governments of the United States and Venezuela. Joe Biden's government will exchange Maduro's designated figurehead for eight Americans imprisoned in Venezuela
Yván Gil, Foreign Minister of Venezuela: "The former empire, invader and slaveholder, which illegally occupied the territory of Guayana Esequiba insists on intervening in a territorial controversy that they themselves generated
Yván Gil, Foreign Minister of Venezuela: "Instead of sending ridiculous messages of intrigue, the United Kingdom must take charge, with true honor, of the commitments assumed in 1966"
Yván Gil criticizes the "looting attitude" of the United Kingdom for intervening in the Essequibo controversy: "Guyana and Venezuela will resolve this matter"
Nicolas Maduro and Guyana President Irfaan Ali have both arrived in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to talk about the Esequibo
Maduro affirms that Milei wants to impose a "neoliberal, absurd, radical" model: "to turn Argentina into a colony"
7 month ago
In collaboration with the @GDFGuyana, @Southcom will conduct flight operations within Guyana on December 7
The US expressed its "unconditional support" for Guyana in the midst of the territorial dispute with Venezuela over the Essequibo
Padrino López held a meeting with M/G Rodríguez Cabello, sole Authority of Guayana Esequiba
Guyana seeks the support of foreign diplomats in its territorial dispute with Venezuela
7 month ago
A helicopter from the Guyana Defense Force, with 8 soldiers, disappears in an area in dispute with Venezuela
The Attorney General of Venezuela just issued arrest warrants against a litany of opposition figures and exiles: Juan Guaidó; Henry Alviarez; Claudia Macero; Roberto Abdul; Pedro Urruchurtu; Yon Goicoechea; David Smolansky; Carlos Vecchio; Lester Toledo; Leopoldo López
The president of Guyana, Irfaan Ali, is currently saying on national television in his country that the measures announced by Maduro tonight are an "imminent threat." Says UN Secretary General and other leaders have been informed and announces
New official map of Venezuela revealed: The Claim Zone is replaced by Guayana Esequiba and the lines are removed
President of Guyana warns of "defense cooperation with the US" if Maduro takes action in Essequibo
Maduro will grant licenses for oil exploitation in the area disputed with Guyana
María Corina Machado hopes to "confront Chavismo and defeat it": "Maduro is in the weakest position in his history"
Maduro proposes to the National Assembly to approve a Special Law that decrees environmental protection areas and new National Parks in Guayana Esequiba
Maduro proposes a law that prohibits the hiring of companies that operate or collaborate in the concessions given by Guyana in the sea to be delimited over the Essequibo
Maduro orders Social Care Plan for the population of Guayana Esequiba and creation of the Saime office: "to carry out a census and deliver identity cards to its inhabitants"
Maduro orders the creation of the PDVSA-Essequibo and CVG-Esequibo divisions: "and immediately proceed to grant operating licenses for the exploration of oil, gas and mines in the entire area"
Maduro appoints M/G Rodríguez Cabello as the sole Authority of Guayana Esequiba, whose political-administrative headquarters will be located in Tumeremo
Maduro orders to activate the debate and approval, in the National Assembly, of the Organic Law for the Creation of Guayana Esequiba: he delivered the proposed law
Maduro orders the creation of the "Commission for the Defense of Essequibo": it will be chaired by Delcy Rodríguez
Maduro calls María Corina Machado, Henrique Capriles and Juan Guaidó "far-right caste": "Criminals for hire"
Maduro rejects the US position on Essequibo: "Venezuela spoke in the referendum the voice of the people is mandatory and binding"
7 month ago
Brazil mobilizes more than 600 soldiers to its borders due to tensions between Venezuela and Guyana
Maduro reiterates the 'binding' nature of the referendum on the Essequibo: "It is an overwhelming victory beyond any forecast"