20 July 2024
1 month ago
Diosdado Cabello leads official mobilization in Amazonas. "The opposition has a manipulable candidate who does not respect women, blacks, Indians and sexual diversity"
María Corina Machado after tour in Apure: "We defeated the government in the streets and in the hearts, but the task is not finished"
Jorge Rodríguez from Valera, Trujillo state: We tell those children of their mother who are in the US government that they will not be able to handle the people of Venezuela2 month ago
Jorge Rodríguez from Valera, Trujillo state: "We tell those children of their mother who are in the US government that they will not be able to handle the people of Venezuela"
"We want freedom." Residents of Sabana de Mendoza took to the streets to welcome María Corina on her tour of Trujillo
Milei reiterates that Maduro is a "dictator" and warns that "the government is trying to make the presidential elections its own"
Tarek William Saab: "Leopoldo López did all this from the Spanish Embassy"
Tarek William Saab offers statements to the country to give "surprising revelations" of the PDVSA-Cripto plot
President of Bolivia, Luis Arce, arrives in Venezuela to participate in the XVIII ALBA Summit
The United States will reimpose sanctions on Venezuela’s oil and gas sector in response to the Maduro government’s failure to allow “an inclusive and competitive election” to take place
Guyana welcomed a statement from the UN Security Council calling for a peaceful solution with Venezuela
3 month ago
Lula travels to Colombia to meet with Petro with the Venezuelan elections on his agenda
Government of Venezuela expresses solidarity with Mexico and orders the closure of its embassy and consulates in Ecuador
María Corina Machado: "The principle of the inviolability of diplomatic missions stipulated in the Vienna Convention must be respected by the States parties, based on their protection against any fact that affects their integrity and dignity"
Serbia and its President Vucic got "unconditional support for territorial integrity and its peoples historic truth " by Venezuela's dictator, Nicolas Maduro
1,800 prisoners from the Fénix prison in Barquisimeto rise up in protest: they denounce the director of the center for being violent and refusing dialogue4 month ago
1,800 prisoners from the Fénix prison in Barquisimeto rise up in protest: they denounce the director of the center for being "violent and refusing dialogue"
Maduro affirms that "extremist formulas like Milei or Bolsonaro will not come to power" in Venezuela. "The political power of the country will not be taken by a puppet of Álvaro Uribe, Iván Duque or the Colombian oligarchy."
State Department: We condemn the arbitrary arrests and warrants issued today for members of the democratic opposition in Venezuela. Maduro's escalating attacks on civil society and political actors are totally inconsistent with Barbados Accord commitments but will not stifle the democratic
María Corina Machado: "Venezuelans, I ask you for strength and courage in these difficult times. Today, more than ever, we need to be united and firm to continue moving towards our goals"
María Corina Machado: "The Maduro government unleashes brutal repression against my campaign teams, These cowardly actions aim to close Venezuela's path towards change and freedom in peace and democracy"
Polce arrested Henry Alviarez, National Organization Coordinator of Maria Corina Campaign Command, and Dignora Hernández, Political Coordinator. Arrest warrants issued against several other members of the National Command, including Maria Corina Campaign Chief, Magalli Meda.
"Russia remains an acute threat & seeks to increase its foothold by bolstering authoritarian governments in Cuba Nicaragua & Venezuela" per @Southcom's Gen Richardson
Russian Security Council Secretary Patrushev held consultations on security issues with representatives of Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia in the capital of Nicaragua, Managua, and announced Moscow's readiness to provide all possible support to Latin American friends, - the press service of the Russian Security Council reported.
Turkey’s Fidan meets Maduro in Caracas, Venezuela
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has arrived in Caracas after visit to Havana
Venezuela gives UN staff 72 hours to leave country
Guyana says Venezuela military is on the move again near their joint border
Aviacon Zitotrans IL-76 cargo aircraft landed at Caracas Maiquetia airport this morning, arriving from Nouakchott, Mauritania. The aircraft left Moscow on February 7th and made stops in Sochi and Tunisia before flying from Mauritanian to Venezuela
The US condemns the attack on María Corina Machado's campaign event: "It is urgent to implement all the elements of the Barbados agreement"
Colombian Ambassador to Venezuela: "Solutions must be sought for Venezuela, but not through imposition or force"
5 month ago
Reuters: The Brazilian army reinforces the border with Venezuela and Guyana due to the Essequibo