20 July 2024
7 month ago
Brazilian troops are reportedly moving towards the border with Venezuela as reports of clashes circulating around near disputed Guyana-Essequibo region. U.S. Army deployed some of the leadership for the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) to Guyana over the weekend. The SFAB team met with Guyana Defense Force (GDF) leadership in order to plan out enhanced military cooperation together
7 month ago
The Brazilian Armed Forces have reportedly been placed on a heightened state of readiness due to a significant movement of military equipment and personnel in eastern Venezuela on the Guyana border that has recently been detected, and officials believe that Venezuela could soon invade the small South American region.
Maduro: "Diversity must unite us, because Venezuela all belongs to us"
Maduro: "We have nice indicators, I would say"
The ICJ will deliver its Order on the request for the indication of provisional measures submitted by Guyana in the case of Arbitral Award of 3 October 1899 (Guyana v. Venezuela) on 1 December at 3 p.m. (The Hague)
Vice President of Guyana, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo: "Venezuela has accused Guyana of being an aggressor, which is worrying
Maduro reiterates that Exxon Mobil plans "a campaign to try to sabotage the referendum"
Maduro: "Maduro on Essequibo: in all the spaces and tribunes that we have, we will defend the historical truth of Venezuela."
The Democratic Unitary Platform of Venezuela sets its position this November 13, in response to Maduro's unilateral call for a consultative referendum on Essequibo
The border crisis worsens: Parliament of Guyana ratifies "sovereignty of the country" over territory in dispute with Venezuela
Maduro warns that he will "never" recognize the ICJ's decision to resolve the Essequibo controversy
Venezuela's top court suspends results of opposition presidential primary that took place this month, despite an electoral deal between the government and the opposition that allows each side to choose its candidate
New statement from Venezuelan foreign minister Yvan Gil in response to CARICOMs concerns over the Esequibo referendum. It’s a much calmer statement than has been seen recently. Venezuela ‘takes note’ of CARICOMs position and wishes to resolve the territorial dispute ‘amicably’
Tarek William Saab (Prosecutor General) announces the opposition primary commission will be investigated for money laundering, identify theft and other 'crimes'
Maria Corina Machado has won the opposition primary and will lead the Venezuelan opposition. She will be their candidate for next years presidential ‘election’ despite currently being banned from running by Maduro
9 month ago
Reports from El Limón, Maracay that armed individuals on motorbikes fired shots into the air and stole the ballot boxes from the opposition primary voting site
9 month ago
President @NicolasMaduro arrives in Mexico to participate in the Palenque Meeting
US rolls out sanctions vs individuals & entities in Iran, HongKong, China & Venezuela "that are enabling Iran’s destabilizing ballistic missile and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) programs" per @USTreasury
9 month ago
Nicolas Maduro assured that agreements signed in Barbados will help lift sanctions
The Washington Post: Maduro and opposition will sign tomorrow an agreement to lift sanctions in exchange for electoral conditions after an agreement with the US
31 AK-103 rifles were stolen from the Bolivarian Navy Infantry Base in Punto Fijo
9 month ago
US @Southcom "watching very very closely" for possible action by Iranian proxies, Hezbollah in Central & South America following Hamas attack on Israel, per Gen Richardson
Venezuela military claims interdicting 39th narco aircraft in 202310 month ago
Venezuela military claims interdicting 39th narco aircraft in 2023
10 month ago
Fall of 765 Kv line in Guayana would have unleashed the chaos of mega electrical fluctuations in Venezuela
Strong electrical drop is recorded in the central region of Venezuela and the capital Caracas
FANB deployed on the coast of Sucre state, guaranteeing social Peace in the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking10 month ago
FANB deployed on the coast of Sucre state, guaranteeing social Peace in the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking
Amnesty International denounced that arrests for political reasons continue to occur in Venezuela
Bloomberg: The US and Venezuela are currently in direct talks to explore a temporary lift of sanctions in exchange for allowing fair presidential elections next year
11 month ago
Russian Defense Minister Shoigu at conference in Moscow thanked Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua for supporting war against Ukraine
1 year ago
Military destroy 26 structures used for illegal mining in southern Venezuela